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It seems like just yesterday when I met Joni and gave her my phone number. I heard
through the grapevine that Cowboy's Nightmare was looking for a lead guitarist, and was
hot on filling that space. Never hearing the band perform together, I hoped I was the
missing link. Jeri called a couple of days later and set up a rehearsal meeting. I played
probably half a song and was hired on the spot! Cowboy's Nightmare was the beginning
of a new venture for me, having never played in a country band. I picked up my first guitar
at the age of 13 and played with avid determination. I used to lock myself in a room for
hours. I couldn't watch TV because my Dad and four older brothers watched sports 24
hours a day. I played clarinet, piano, drums, and guitar. I loved all instruments but there
was something about that guitar. My influences were of the rock-n-roll vein. I was into the
80's hard rock era and was an avid Heart fan. I didn't fall into the country music scene
until the early 90's, but when the country craze hit me, I was hooked. I was fascinated by
all those beautiful songs that I could actually hear every note and every word. Now my
friends love to rib me about my about face to that good ol' country music. Having the
chance to perform with each of these talented ladies has been a pleasure beyond words.
Each member of this band is an accomplished musician in their own right and I am so
excited to be a part of the dream that is Cowboy's Nightmare! Our camaraderie is
apparent on stage and when the music starts you can feel the chemistry flow. I hope for
a great future and great success for the best female band in Houston, Texas!!
I've been the drummer for "Cowboy's Nightmare" since the
very beginning. Of course all of the members are the
originals, but I have been a member since the first thought
of an all female band originated. In '93, I played with a local
Houston pop rock band, and a friend was giving a party and
thought it would be cool to have an all female band play a
few songs. She called and asked if I would be interested,
nothing big, just three or four songs. I thought it would be
fun and I wanted to jam again with my old buddies, Jonna,
Ramona, and Shauna. I also had a long time friendship with
Jeri, but never had the pleasure of working with her. I called
everyone and asked if they wanted to give it a try for old
time's sake and everyone was ready to go. Dana was the
missing piece that just fell from the sky... there you have it,
"Cowboy's Nightmare". I've been playing drums
professionally since 1985 playing in various bands. Prior to
my professional career I studied music at Pan American
University and the University of Houston.

Joni called and asked me to play for a party.
I wasn't busy at the time, so I thought I'd give
it a try. I had always played in rock-n-roll
bands, but an all girl country band sounded
very interesting. As it turns out, I grew to
enjoy country music and I love performing
with this group of girls. I've studied music and
dance as far back as I can remember. I'm a
native Houstonian and graduate of The High
School for Performing and Visual Arts as a
music major/dance minor. Writing for this
band has been a fulfilling experience in that, I
can compose music and lyrics as well as
choreograph line dances to go with it. I love
to perform at any opportunity and am driven
to do my best all of the time, as music is my
motivating factor.
I always dreamed from an early age and somehow knew that I
would play in a band that I loved. At the age of 5, I started
taking piano lessons and continued for about 2 years. I had too
much energy to sit down and practice when I could be outside
playing sports and being involved in other activities. I started
playing trumpet in 6th grade, then switched to french horn in
the 8th grade, which I continued throughout my school years. I
love so many instruments, that I can't just stick to one. I even
attempted to play drums in a really bad garage band in the 8th
grade. Since, I have picked up mandolin, guitar, and bass.
That is one of the reasons I love this band so much. I get to
play so many instruments, its kind of like being the "utility
player" on a baseball team. My sister, Jonna is also in the
band and that was another dream, to play music with her. It's
just a lot of fun. I get to make music with some of my very best
friends that I love and respect very much. I guess it's a love
I got a call from Joni in April of '93. I
was at home in Mississippi after
moving back from Houston 4 months
earlier. She asked me if I could come
out and sing for a one time gig, and
I'm still here. I've been playing and
singing in bands since I was 15. I
used to play keyboards also, but I
discovered wireless microphones. Now
they can't keep me on stage. I love the
energy of the stage, the lights and the
audience response, but the best thing
is having the opportunity to sing with
this group of musicians. Even if I never
make it big, at least when it's all said
and done, I can look back and say,
"Those are my girls".
When I initially received a call from Joni Lovvorn to sit in on a one time gig at a
private party, I was playing in an all original band. I have always loved the thought
of an all female group simply because there just aren't that many of them out
there. Don't ask me why, I don't understand why the music scene is dominated
by so many "all male" bands. In high school I was in an all female band, for three
years and had experienced observers reacting to the group being all females and
capable of making instruments work. That "phenomenon" still exists today.
Women especially let us know how much they love seeing an all female band. I
also wanted the chance to play music with my sister, Shauna who was also
going to be involved with the one time gig, so I joined in on a couple of
rehearsals. Well, I ended up quitting my other band, which I had been seriously
devoted to for four years. I put all of my belief and focus into "Cowboy's
Nightmare" after experiencing the chemistry of the players and the potential
involved. I was classically trained on the violin, but could never stick with to the
orchestra scene. I always leaned to writing my own lines and enhancing what
another instrument was doing. I enjoy the opportunity I have at this moment to be
a part of and work with the individuals that make up "Cowboy's Nightmare".